Xilma Dyanice

Hi, I am Xilma Dyanice

Good day!

My name is Xilma D. Báez García, a 29 year old bilingual graphic designer with a passion for brand identity and an interest in website design and social media graphics.

My interest with graphic design started back when Photoshop CS2 was the latest software on the market. I would use my mother’s laptop to mess around in it, and even though I created some monstrosities, I was proud of them! I have dabbled in architecture, digital graphic design, photography, UX design, and more, always enjoying the core concept that unites them: designing to improve people’s lives. Being able to express something through images, connect with people, touch their hearts and make them laugh, or help them see what they imagined they are all amazing feelings (plus working hard and achieving beautiful work? it’s amazing!).

I hope our paths are meant to cross & that one day we can create awesome things together.