Xilma Dyanice

Brand Identity Design

@ Rollo Dulce

Tools Used

Tools Used

Project Brief

Create a full brand identity based on an assigned product and country. The designated product was a roll cake and the country the brand would be inspired on was Honduras. The project was divided on phases dealing with research, logo design, promotional items, social media presence, and corporate stationary.


The Rollo Dulce brand identity revolves around the roll cake and the bright moments during the colorful festivals that Honduras celebrates throughout the year.
The main image on the logo was taken directly from a roll cake. Following the decision of including the product into the logo, it was integrated into a pineapple, one of Honduras exports that makes it shine as the second pineapple exporter in Central America. With the pineapple and roll cake fused into one, the Rollo Dulce logo was created.

The visual identity developed for Rollo Dulce makes use of the pictorial mark that is part of the logo and the bright corporate colors on the background. The idea is to give it the look of a sticker, pushing it forward as the company’s recognizable icon. The lettering is used as well at times as a separate element that helps with identification.

One Brand Voice

The promotional material focused on colorful images that displayed the sweet roll products and engaging captions. Printed material was also determined to be necessary, focusing on high-quality imagery.


Brand colors persisted throughout the company letterheads and other materials. It was necessary for them to be bright items that represented the bold and joyful feelings of eating a sweet roll.